Creating a fun and meaningful way of rewarding engaged content creators.
Platform: iOS App, Android App
Services: Branding, UX, UI, Mobile App Development

Spotlighting the content creator lifestyle, along with creativity, by giving users the means to create and reward great content.

Trofeed approached us to create an MVP product in order to secure funding from future investors.

We worked closely together over the course of half a year to brainstorm on a name, strategize and plan out the roadmap, design, iterate and build up a product that was not only fun and user-friendly, but technologically scalable as well.

Phone Examples

Substance behind the design decisions

Information architecture examples


The logo is a custom construct showcasing the word "trofeed" in lower-case with a crown on top of the "o". The top is rounded to give it a more playful and friendly vibe, while the bottom remains flat.


Trofeed's selected font is Campton, a type family that has geometric skeletons and quirky features that make it a fun and approachable typeface. This ties in well with the color palette and the voice of the brand.

AaCampton Book
AaCampton Medium
AaCampton Semi-Bold


Friendly, fun and inviting, the colors of Trofeed invoke a sense of intrigue that ties back to the brand.

Flamingo Cerise
Merigold Gold
Vivid Blue
Neon Green
Electric Purple

Rewarding content

Pogress bar empties to show duration of content
Users can tap to reward +1 or hold down to reward more. We utilized colors inspired by games like Fortnite to indicate to users what the point teirs are (common theme in games for rarity of items/weapons, etc.)
users can see who else rewarded the content in the order of most to least amount of points
Content viewer example
Welcome screen example

A new and exciting way of engaging users.

Using game mechanics and clear UX copy, users earn their initial balance of points, used to reward content on the platform. They are also able to discover different ways to earn points as they navigate through the app.

Camera screen example
Giphy sticker integration example

Adding fun into the content creation process.

The core features of trofeed lie in the content creation aspect. Users are able to add more context and "fun" to their photos, videos and clips through this feature.

To make sure the camera interface and editor were intuitive to users, we didn't try to reinvent the wheel. For this reason, the layouts are similar to how big tech giants design their interface.

Publish details screen example
Publish cover screen example

Publishing content has never been easier.

Users are able to set their cover alignment to top, center or bottom, depending where they want the focus.

There are hashtags within posts to allow users to locate content. Optional commenting is also available.

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