heal mary
Empowering users to make health decisions by connecting caregivers, doctors and patients with clinical trials from all over the world.
Platform: Responsive Web App
Services: Branding, UX, UI, Development

Talking about illness is a difficult topic, but finding beneficial and life-saving clinical trials doesn't have to be.

Heal Mary approached us to create an MVP version of their product in order to validate and secure buy-in from potential investors.

Along with our design and development services, we also provided branding, including the creation of a new logo.

of the world has health related problems
of cancer trials fail due to patient enrollment
trials in the world right now

Going for friendly and conversational

Let's start with what brought you here.
We're going to ask you a few questions to find trials that meet your needs.
Based on your selection, here are some clinical trials we've found for you so far.
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The font in the Heal Mary logo is laid out in lower-case and is weighted to give it a confident, simple and friendly look while still coming across as trustworthy.

A secondary logo was also provided. It includes half rings around the logo to symbolize unity.


Playfair Display was chosen to add a touch of friendliness, and Lato is an easy-to-read complementary font.

AaPlayfair Display
AaLato Bold
AaLato Regular


Heal Mary's colors are warm, personal and inviting.

The muted pastels shades tie well with the selected typeface choices, and do not alienate anyone no matter their background or gender.

Calm Blue
Tan Beige
Muted Rose
Eggshell Grey
Daffodil Yellow
Midnight Black
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